A Small Island In A Lake Between May Be The Most Populous Island In The World

Migingo is a tiny rock island, less than half-an-acre or about half the size of a football field, located in Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa and the largest tropical lake in the world.

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Although tiny in size, the island is home to 131 people (according to 2009 census) living in crammed huts made of corrugated sheets and wood. Despite shabby living conditions, Migingo Island boasts of five bars, a beauty salon, a pharmacy as well as several hotels and numerous brothels.

It is a tiny island about one acre in size that may be hard to spot on the map but Migingo Island has regularly hit the headlines and grabbed attention, owing to a dispute over its ownership pitting Kenya against Uganda. Citizen TV’s Sheila Sendeyo has just returned from Migingo Island and brings the story of a forgotten population that lacks basic healthcare, education facilities, sanitation and where the fight for space is bigger than the fight for the ownership of this, the island of desperation.

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