Map Of Potential US Nuclear Targets

The Cold War is long over. But that doesn’t stop the USA being prepared for all out nuclear war. This map produced by the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) shows likely targets for hypothetical enemies of the US in a nuclear conflict.

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Mmost interesting is the difference between the 500 and 2000 warhead scenario. The 500 approach is clearly one aimed to eliminate the USA’s most valuable targets, that being population centres and areas of industry. A more retaliatory approach, aiming to do the most damage not necessarily waging effective nuclear war.

The 2000 approach is all about eliminating the USA’s nuclear capability. Perhaps illustrated most by the three clusters in the sparsely populated American mid-west.

Triangles = targets in a 500 warhead scenario (US second strike)
Black dots = targets in a 2000 warhead scenario (US first strike)

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