It’s Hilarious! President Obama’s Face On English Soccer Mug

The English soccer team’s defender Chris Smalling and President Barack Obama don’t seem to have a lot in common, that is, until this week.

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An English company, hoping to cash in on World Cup madness, produced coffee mugs using royalty-free pictures of the players to sell for cheap. However, the probably now unemployed person given the task of finding a photo of Chris Smalling mistook a photo resident Barack Obama for the English soccer player. And this is how thousands of mugs with a picture of the president’s face above the label, “Chris Smalling” were made.

Hoping to make the best of the situation, the company put the mugs up for sale on Wholesale Clearance UK. These hilarious souvenir mugs are going for £2,000 ($3,401).

Do you think these two look alike?


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