How Advertising Lies: Quick Review of False And Misleading Tricks Used In Ads

These images will surely open your mind. We all know that advertisers lie or at least bend the truth a little, right? Not necessarily.

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A new infographic from Finances Online reveals just how far companies will go to make their products seem more appealing – from using motor oil for honey or syrup for pancakes, glue or shampoo as milk in cereals, mashed potatoes for ice cream and meat, deodorant spray to make grapes look fresh and other tricks to make the food look delicious in photos.

Deceptive-Advertising-1 Deceptive-Advertising-2 Deceptive-Advertising-3 Deceptive-Advertising-4 Deceptive-Advertising-5 Deceptive-Advertising-6 Deceptive-Advertising-7

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