Damien Mander: Anti-poaching Crusader

When you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Damian is saving Rhinos from poachers in Zimbabwe. He sold his house in Australia and used his life savings to use his special ops and military experience to train an army to fight poachers in Zimbabwe.

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This is how you fight poachers! If anyone is going to save the rhinos in Africa, this is the guy.

Across much of Africa anti-poaching tactics have remained largely unchanged for decades. Small groups of undertrained and poorly equipped rangers are sent out for days on end to conduct patrols in remote and dangerous locations. Modern-day poachers have evolved and routinely utilise military tactics and equipment to kill high-target species, such as elephants, rhinos and gorillas. In the cross-fire, rangers are also killed. Seeing this shortfall, the IAPF set out in 2009 to fill the gap.

At one of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation’s operations in Zimbabwe, not one rhino has been poached since they started managing security operations here in 2010.

You can learn more about International Anti Poaching Foundation here: http://www.iapf.org/en/

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