Romanian Gypsies Living Luxury Lifestyle

In Romania, not far from Bucharest there is one of the richest cities in the world – Buzesku. The town is located 80 km south-west of Bucharest has a population – 5 thousand people. In Buzesku about 800 houses has been built, each worth between 2 and 30 million dollars. In general, the cost of all this real estate millionaire Roma is estimated at $ 4 billion… This is the capital of the gypsy-millionaires.

How do gypsy people afford all this expensive stuff?

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The “King” of Romanian Gypsies is Florian Chioaba (title was inherited from the father), has to 50-80 million euros per year. His Koldash clan has about 300 families, and at least half of them have houses worth 3 million euros. The total income of the “King” and his clan is close to 300-400 million euros per year. It consists of ordinary offerings to Roma “obschak” (slang for bank), and this is 5-10% of the criminal and semi-criminal income, cigarette smuggling from Romania to Western Europe, the hotel business and trade.

Like most of the rest of the “elite” of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, these gypsies deliberately show a lavish lifestyle, literally live in gold .

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