Portable Transformative Desk For Poor Kids

An NGO created as a Community Service Centre for marginalized families in urban slum and rural areas, Aarambh, wanted to help students who are not as privileged, with basic facilities, in order for them to be more comfortable at school. Most schools in Indian rural areas have two basic problems:

1) The schools didn’t have proper desks, which led to poor eyesight and a hunched back leading to bad posture and bad writing.
2) The students didn’t have bags.

This awesome desk came up with a solution which tackled both these problems at one go.

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To make the portable desks NGO used discarded cartons which are economical and easily available. They then used a pre-set stencil design, which when cut and folded, created a slick desk which also served as a school bag.

In order to remedy this, Aarambh distributed Help Desks throughout schools in rural Maharashtra, a state in the western region of India, and says students were able to study more “comfortably and cheerfully.”

Check out how it works below:

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