Palmanova: World’s Most Perfect Shaped City

Palmanova is a city in Italy constructed during the renaissance and it is a city built following the ideals of a utopia. It is a concentric city with the form of a star, with three nine sided ring roads intersecting in the main military radiating streets. It was built at the end of the 16th century by the Venetian Republic which was, at the time, a major center of trade. It is actually considered to be a fort, or citadel, because the military architect Giulio Savorgnano designed it to be a Venetian military station on the eastern frontier as protection from the Ottoman Empire. [via]

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It’s world renown for its unusual, almost perfect shape. There is something inherently appealing about its concentric citadel or fortress plan and structure. How could you not stop in this fortress of a city if you were just passing by?

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