Stunning Photos Of Zeppelins Under Construction

The sight of a Zeppelin under construction must have been an awe inspiring experience.

The hangars that were constructed for this purpose are the largest structures ever created and the lightness required for the Zeppelin frames meant that their trusses consisted of sophisticated aluminum struts where each strut was in turn another truss. The overall effect is of incredible complexity and detail, like a gigantic high-tech whale set in a space that resembles a Piranesi engraving of a dungeon with enormous shafts of sunlight lit by dust.

Because of their age, this technological look is combined with distinctly archaic elements, such as the gas bags which were made from thousands of cows’ stomachs (it took more than 250,000 cows to make one airship!) or the scaffolding and ladders which are wooden and rickety.

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The great German airships flew the rich and famous around the world. But when Hindenburg catastrophe (May 6, 1937) struck in Lakehurst the era of luxurious travel by dirigible was over.

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