Yao Ming Yao – The Guy Making Normal People Look Tiny

There’s something stunning about seeing Yao Ming next to an average-sized person. He’s not just taller (at 7’6 / 2,29 m.), he’s also just bigger in every way. He’s well over 300 pounds but doesn’t look even a tiny bit chubby.

Even though the NBA universe is populated by seven-footers, but there’s a sizable (pun intended) difference between being seven feet tall and being seven feet plus six inches, like Yao. Injuries ended his career much too soon in 2011. Since retiring, former Houston Rockets center, Yao Ming is still very much in the public eye.

Interesting fact: Did you know that it was one of the remarkable Yao’s face expressions became the inspiration for the well-known meme? See the last picture in the gallery.

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