Awesome 3D Beach Art

Jamie Harkins is an artist and musician currently working out of his studio in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.

Harkins uses the beach as his temporary canvas, collaborating with other artists such as Lucia Lupf, David Rendu and Constanza Nightingale; to create 3D landscapes by employing a similar visual technique that sidewalk chalk artists use. The technique is known as anamorphosis. The image itself is distorted, but when viewed from a specific vantage point, a 3D effect on a 2D surface is achieved. (See also Felice Varini’s incredible anamorphic illusions)

On their facebook site we can read:

Sand drawing is a return to an original art form, using the beach as a support. Our goal is to make art for everyone and to entertain people captivating their attention by playing with optical illusion to create a 3 dimensional drawings.We want to find beaches along New Zealand and world where we can keep creating art.

The connection with nature is essential for the creation of our art. The sun, the wind, the moon and the tides make our creations temporary and give us a challenging time for realisation. The use of simple tools is allowing us to create different textures, shades, contrasts and perspectives.

These ephemeral drawings are respecting the environment, leaving no trace after the following high tide. Photography is the medium to record this moment.
Art is a life style that everyone can do and is for free. We are born with creativity.

 To see more, check out Jamie’s Facebook page.

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