How Many Atomic Bombs Would It Take To Destroy The World?

The sole possibility that Earth could be easily destroyed in just couple of hours (or less!) is horrifying. With the latests conflicts the situation became a little more tense than before.

The United States, the Russian Federation , the United Kingdom, France, and China are all members of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which is often refered to as ‘ the nuclear club’. So we know they have it for sure.

India, Pakistan, and North Korea are known to conduct some nuclear tests as well. Israel still doesn’t admit to have it.

So how many bombs does it take to destroy our planet? Moreover, how many bombs are enough to make our life endangered if not impossible? Radiation after every nuclear explosion lingers around for years, making our genes modified and our bodies sick.

Pictures below will give you an idea of a scale of explosive power nuclear bombs can have.

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Photo Gallery