Loneliness: The Most Common Sickness Of The Modern World

Our possibilities to meet and connect with people are now endless. We poke, text, tweet, chat, share, tag and post. It almost seems like there is not much time left for a conversation. Exactly.

I’m not saying that we have now faced an ultimate meldown of meaningful personal interactions. Luckily, we’re still pretty far from that disaster. But there is definitely something to think about.

We’re spending more and more time on endless personal promotion instead on building true friendships. We’re so occupied by ‘checking in’ that we forget to look around and see where we are. We don’t have to meet with each other anymore, and even if we do we will probably stare at our smartphones for most of the time. Maybe it’s an exaggeration, but next time you’re in a pub or a park look around and see what’s the main activity of people around you. Do you and your friends always have their phones laying around next to them when you go out? My friends do. I have mine on a table as well, guilty as charged. So here is a question: should we change something or should we just go on with our lives and see what happens to us in 5 to 10 years? The video below will definitely give you some answers.

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