Children of Ban Namkoy

Ban Namkoy is a little village in the middle of Lao jungle. Imagine a place with no electricity, plumbing or transport, located a day of walk from the closest civilization. Would you be able to live like this for some time? How happy would you be?

Despite what seems for us like inconveniences, children from Ban Namkoy have it all. They are free to run and play, swim in the river and climb trees. They eat what they find and do what they want, don’t worry about school or extracurriculum activities. Their minds aren’t manipulated by ads and TV so they know that nice weather and fresh air is everything they need to be truly happy.

How about us? How many things and concepts do we need to be fullfilled and content with our life? Is it supply or demand that creates high expectations and makes us driven to get and be more? At this point in our lives, would we be able to just chill out in the sun and go take a bath in a river?

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