How War Can Change Your Life

This shocking ‘second  a day’ video will make you realize how fragile and insecure our world is when facing any kind of a conflict.

Sure, we are aware of the fact that war is bad and people out there are suffering. However, unless we’ve never experienced the actual warfare, starvation and fear, there is no way for us to relate to them. And this means that sadly most of us will never find a courage and power to help. And that’s why this video has been created. Imagine, just for a brief moment, that YOU are this girl.

It may not be happening here but in Syria the horror is all too real. Three years of civil war has devastated the lives of an entire generation. It killed more than 11,000 children and turned more than 1 million into refugees. It has subjected them to trauma, indiscriminate shelling and torture.

To find out more, please visit SaveTheChildren.Org


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