Red Lights District, Amsterdam: Girls Go Wild

Dancers from a night club in Amsterdam decided to give a little performance for men walking around the Red Lights district. They also have a message for them.

Many social campaigns about prostitution are created to raise awareness among women or parents, but no one appears to be talking about the main reason for the problem : where the demand for such crime comes from?

I refuse to believe that anyone with just a basic common sense or empathy wouldn’t recognize a legal agency from a place full of slaves.  They just rather avoid the truth and advocate their actions  with some dumb and horrible excuses. This is the real problem and the right target to speak to, not already scared girls and their worried parents.

800,00 people become victims of human traffic and are transported across international boarders every year. Sure, some of the girls just naively answer to scam-looking adds, but it doesn’t make it less tragic or painfull. Unfortunately, it is extremally hard to rescue someone once they’ve been taken. Passports are destroyed and the trail is usually lost in couple of hours after the incident.

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