103-Year-Old Grandma Celebrates Birthday in Hilarious Way (7 pictures)

Evelyn Kottman turned 103 years old this year and decided to celebrate her birthday by going to a casino, feasting at an all-you-can-eat buffet, and getting a tattoo! Accompanied by her grandkids, the centenarian didn’t hold back one bit. Even at the casino, she wasn’t the typical old bitty at the slots. Her granddaughter Jennifer shares on Reddit that Evelyn was seated at the roulette table, bet everything (all $103) on black, and actually won!

The hilariously adventurous grandmother has such a great sense of humor and vigor for life (made obvious by her action packed birthday this year), she says: “I’ve always been adventurous, but hitting the 100 mark really makes you want to take advantage of life. So I’ve been doing things I never thought I’d be doing — like a tattoo! I love my stupid grandkids.” While it may seem like this year can’t be topped, her granddaughter clues everyone in on the festivities to come by teasing, “Keep it a secret, but next year it’s Vegas to see the Thunder Down Under.” [via]

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