Mini-episodes of Breaking Bad and Saul Goodman Commercials you’ve probably never seen (17 videos)

To promote the second season of Breaking Bad, AMC made a series of five original mini-episodes. These episodes did not affect the lives of the characters shown on tv screen, but that does not mean that they are no interesting.

#1 “Good Cop, Bad Cop”

Hank Schrader and Marie Schrader start off the night role playing and really enjoying one another’s company when all of a sudden to night quickly ends on a really bad note.

#2 “Wedding Day”

Hank Schrader breaks bad the night before his wedding and starts experiencing wedding jitters, while Walt White  tries his best calm him down until he finds out exactly what Hank has done.

#3 “TwaüghtHammër”

In the midst of shooting the behind-the-scenes music video for ?Fallacies? things get heated up between Jesse Pinkman and Badger which ultimately causes Jesse to break down.

#4 “Marie’s Confession”

When Marie Schrader’s court-appointed therapist advises her to begin doing a video diary, she decides to immediately comply. As she starts rolling the tape, Marie begins to realize a ton about herself.

#5 “The Break-In”

Walt White begins to panic as soon as he realizes his wife, Skyler White, has sold their vacuum cleaner which stores all of his drug earnings. Walt is furious and with the help of Badger decides to break into the new vacuum owner’s house …


And now let’s see some funny commercials and testimonials about Saul Goodman. Hilarious stuff.

#6 Live Saul Cam

#7 Fernando

#8 Carl

#9 Wendy

#10 Badger

#11 Wayfarer 515

#12 Letters to Saul

#13 Tiger Trouble? Better Call Saul!

#14 Saul Says: „Sue ‚Em Now”

#15 Team S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

#16 Fatty Fat Fat

#17 Fighting For You/h1>

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