I’m not a look-alike! Amazing project by François Brunelle (12 pictures)

Born in Sherbrooke, Canada, François Brunelle discovered photography through the work of André de Dienes and Richard Avedon. His ensuing fascination – one might say obsession – with portrait photography as a means of visual expression led him to devote his  work to taking portraits of the people around him in an ongoing effort to capture the elusive human soul. He is the author of The Seven Essential Tools for the Creative Photographer, published by Les Editions du Trait. 

I’m not a look-alike!  is a project  to make 200 photos of couples of look-alikes ( doubles, doppelgangers ) around the world.

What is a look-alike? A look-alike, or double, or doppelganger is simply put a person whom other people think is another person. In a play written by the latin author Plauto there is such a character whose name is Sosia and that character is mimicked so well by the god Mercury that even Sosia himself is unsure of who is the real himself. 

For more photos please visit François Brunelle’s website

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