This was truly amazing cultural place: NYC Graffiti Mecca “5Pointz” Is Gone… (30 pictures)

Considered by many to be the graffiti mecca of the world, 5 Pointz is a converted warehouse covered in tags and murals by famous and novice graffiti artists alike, which houses artist studios.

For a city that seems so nostalgic for its old architecture and the gritty remainders of what made New York “New York” in the seventies, eighties and nineties, it sure seems keen on wiping them all out to make way for shiny, metal and glass structures. So when rumors began circulating as early as 2010 that 5 Pointz might be torn down, it didn’t really come as a surprise to many. Untill this week…

Long Island City’s graffiti mecca was whitewashed overnight by the building’s owner to begin the process that will turn the landmark into luxury condos. Police were present to fend off protesters trying to save the landmark and word quickly spread via social media.

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