Physics Explained in Ten Seconds (Part 1: 5 videos)

This amazing series that talks about physics in just 9.999 seconds. As it turns out, 10 seconds is enough time to explain various physical phenomena: Time Dilation, Negative Temperature, The Tides, Farenheit, Celsius and Kelvin, Number of Stars in the Sky.

# Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin explained

BONUS FACT: If we lived on Saturn’s moon Titan, we probably would have used the freezing and boiling points of methane for our “100 step” (centigrade) scale.

# Time Dilation

Time Dilation – boosting 5 seconds to fill 10 seconds since 1905

# How Many Stars There Are in the Sky?

# Negative Temperature explained

# The Tides explained

BONUS FACT: The sun also causes tides on the earth, but they’re only about half as strong as the moon’s. When the sun & moon line up during full & new moons, tides are extra big.

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