A Girl and Her Room: Portraits of Teenage Girls’ Inner Worlds Through Their Bedroom Interiors (36 pictures)

Girls and Their Rooms is a fascinationg project created by a Lebanese photographer Rania Matar. She has traveled the world to make pictures of girls rooms between 12 and 20 years to mark the differences but also similarities…

Rania said:

“I was discovering a person on the cusp on becoming an adult, but desperately holding on to the child she barely outgrew, a person on the edge between two worlds.”

Photos courtesy of the artist and Carroll and Sons Gallery, Boston

For more please visit Rania Matar’s website

“The girls in these photographs willingly opened their doors to an outsider, trusted her, shared their intimacy with her and exposed themselves and their vulnerability. Rania attempted to get to the soul of each girl, to represent each one as truthfully as she could, and, by capturing each individual, to justify their trust in her.”
– Susan Minot

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