13 Unexplained mysterious photos

These are some of the most incredible, interesting, unexplained photos.

Stories associated with these images are not easy to explain, or even not at all possible.

Of course explanations exist – but it’s up to you to determine how credible these explanations are.

The Hook Island Sea Monster

Some theories claim that this could have been a long fish like a tarp photographed at an angle that made it look much larger. Does that make sense? Or do you trust your eyes more?

Unexplained Photo of Sea Monster


The “Most Beautiful Suicide”

Evelyn McHale’s body looks completely undamaged and her face remains calm as if in deep sleep.¬†Hard to explain, considering she has fallen from a great height and practically flattened the car that she fell on top of.

McHale’s death is often referred to as the “Most Beautiful Suicide”

Unexplained photo of Evelyn McHale's body
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Can you come up with some good explanations for the things you see in the photos below?

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