Guillermo del Toro’s Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Couch Gag

Guillermo del Toro puts his creepy spin on the Couch Gag for this years Treehouse of Horror episode this year with an extended 2.5 minute version. The director of Pans Labyrinth gives the Simpsons family an eerily spooky twist with zombies, Blade, mutations and Mr. Burns recreated in “del Toro” fashion.

There are over 30 direct horror film references and just about 100 total couch gag references. ”I asked [creator Matt Groening] if I could make the sequence around horror and fantasy in general, and throw in my movies there,” Del Toro said. “But this way, it’s a love letter to things that I love, both in The Simpsons and the genre.”

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