Musicians Portraits Painted Directly onto Vinyl Records by Daniel Edlen (20 pictures)

Daniel Edlen is an American artist best known for his ongoing series of vinyl artworks. Using white acrylic paint and a unique style of pointillism, Edlen paints amazingly realistic portraits of musicians directly onto vinyl records.

Edlen, whose favourite band is the Beatles and favourite album is After Bathing at Baxter’s by Jefferson Airplane, says about music:

“Music has always been a big part of my identity. It’s an important language along with words and images to communicate with the rest of humanity. Think about what your parents sang to you as a baby, what you and your friends danced to after school, what stirs your emotions at weddings or sports games… even what you might have playing in the background now.”

For those wondering if the record is still playable, the answer is no 🙂 The painted side would definitely harm your needle and is not recommended. Edlen says he tries to source records that are, ‘already damaged to the point they might be thrown away.’

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