10 short animations that can stand head to head with the Pixar works (Or not)

Maybe not all of these short films rival Disney graphic designers craftsmanship, but the plots has a lot to offer and can be endearing (or grab the throat).

High Tide

A young girl during a school trip to the seaside meets … mermaid. It sounds trite, pretentious and dull, but it is worth to see this lovely four-minute animation to end, because of a small shift in the action.


A film about our life, the people we meet, the memories we make …


A warm story about a little grim reaper who is lucky that having great talent for fashion design.

National Taiwan University of Arts , Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts

Zombie Apocalypse

Would you know what to do in a…ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?!!

Doug ‘n’ Dog

Amateur scientist trying to invent the tree on which money grows. At that time, his dog feels a bit run down and try to to get attention of his master, which leads to a rather unexpected result.


This is a story about a cat who dreams of becoming a pianist.

RIBA is an animated shortfilm directed by three students of the school Supinfocom Valenciennes in France. This shortfilm was achieved on the June 23rd, 2003 after 8 months of production and has been screened all over the world in animation festivals. Originated by Yves Dalbiez, the story was eventually the result of a close work between three directors: Elise Garcette, Laurent Leleu and Yves Dalbiez.

Fritz Lang – Chapelier Fou

In a factory, thousands are working without a pause. One of them decides to break out to find where he comes from.

Meme les pigeons vont au paradis

Oscar Nominated Animation By Samuel Torneux.

A priest tries to sell an old man a machine that he promises will transport him to heaven.


Two cats, living in completely different worlds, switch places through a mirror and experience each other’s life.
Finally, they realized that the happiness is relative.

Contre temps

Beautifully animated and rendered CGI short film about a long-submerged city, and a man is obsessed by the passing of time, by the talented team Jérémi Boutelet, Thibaud Clergue, Gaël Megherbi, Tristan Ménard, Camille Perrin and Lucas Veber at Supinfocom Arles!

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