What is Nanotechnology?

Basically nanotechnology is engineering or science at the nano scale. That is one-thousandth millionth of a metre. Pretty small, but not for modern science. It’s actually a relatively large range which encompasses anything from semi-conductor physics to microbiology and nano fabrication.

The implementation of nano particles in popular commerce is nothing new, suncream for example, has particles of titanium and zinc oxide. Meanwhile plasters contain nano particles of silver to suppress microbial reproduction during healing. Research into the medical uses of nanotechnology have gone as far as injecting red blood cells with nano particles of gold then tracking their movement through the body. This incredible technology offers a way to locate and kill cancer at a cellular level.

Outside of medicine there are nano scale machines being built and the creation of futuristic nano materials – nano fabrication. Molecular nanotechnology as it’s called, allows scientists to manipulate atoms of carbon to make carbon nanotubes. Nanotubes could be many hundreds of times stronger than steel but weigh 6 times less. Very useful for building bridges, or a space elevator for example!

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