Lovely artistic Robots by Tal Avitzur (16 pictures)

Tal Avitzur is an artist and constructor from Pennsylvania. He grow up in a family where the sciences were emphasized more than the arts and almost all man are engineers. The art world opened up to Tal when he moved to California and worked for painter Irma Cavat. Tal considers himself lucky to have also known and worked for sculptor George Rickey and ceramicist Beatrice Wood.

These are lovely artistic robot sculptures made by Tal Avitzur. He haunts scrap and salvage yards in search of urban detritus to create assemblage robot sculpture night lights. From a workshop full of thousands of parts, he places pieces together like a puzzle until he get a natural looking fit. Then he cut, grind, drill, tap and whatever else is necessary to connect objects that were not meant to be connected. Though these robots don’t clean your house, wash your car, walk your dog, or sing and dance, they do light up.

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