Fantasy worlds in the depths of the Mendenhall Glacier by Kent Mearig (5 pictures)

Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska  is very popular among photographers and tourists who like extreme places. The main reason is that it easily (if I may say so), you can go under the ice cover and see the beauty and power of the glacier from the inside.

This remarkable pictures are taken by Kent Mearig, Alaska based photographer.

For more please visit Kent Mearig’s 500px website

This is what Kent Mearig wrote about himself:

I am seeking to share, through photography and writing, the love I have for God and a small piece of the love He has for the world. I endeavor to become ever more deliberate in letting God be my vision, and He has rewarded me in advance through the rich beauty that surrounds me both in the natural world and in my personal life.

Living in Juneau, Alaska for nearly twenty years, my way of thinking and seeing has been molded by the incomparable grandeur of the Tongass National Forest and the glaciers of the Juneau Icefield. The Mendenhall Glacier is a place I have built a relationship with over the years in much the same way you might develop affection for a faithful dog.

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