Amazing sculptures carved from a single block of ice (15 pictures)

Fairbanks, Alaska, is home to the World Ice Art Championships, one of the world’s largest ice sculpting competitions and exhibitions. From its beginning in 1988, the World Ice Art Championships has grown to a month-long event featuring more than 70 teams from around the world.

Below you will find some of the best sculptures from the ‘Single Block’ category. Sculptures were made by teams of one or two members. Each team was given one block of ice, approximately 8’x 5’x 3’ (244cm x 152cm x 91cm) and a period of 60 hours (2 ½ days).

The results are astounding.

For more please visit World Ice Art Championships website


MELODY OF FISH SOUL Sculpted by: Aleksandr Parfenov, Mikhail Vasilenko, Realistic, RUSSIA


“MEMORIES OF THE HARP” Sculpted by: Junko Yanagida, Carl Eady, Realistic, JAPAN, USA


‘BULLSEYE’ Sculpted by: Steve Brice, Heather Brice, 3rd Place Realistic, USA 2013


RASCASSE By: Mario Amegee, Jeff Moehlin, 5th PlaceRealistic, Monaco, USA 2013


MOTHER NATURE Otto Magnusson, Lalli Arnason, Realistic, ICELAND 2013


THE METEOR FINAL DESTINATION By: Vitaly Lednev, Sergei Loginov, 1st Place Abstract, RUSSIA 2013


A SAILOR’S FORTUNE, Sergei Zinner, Viacheslav Maksimov, Realistic, RUSSIA, 2013


OCTOPUS GARDEN Sculpted By: Bradley Groszkiewicz, Allan Bock, 5th Place Abstract, USA 2013


GLIDING ON THE EDGE Sculpted By: Andrey Koshelev, Evgenii Gorbunov, Realistic, RUSSIA 2013


FALLEN Sculpted By: Adam Holt, Dean DeMarias, Realistic, USA 2013


“BROS!” Sculpted By: Buddy Rasmussen, Stacy Pearson, Realistic, USA 2013


LIONKING By:Victor Dagatan, Jim Duggan, Olympic Rep, 2ndPlace Realistic, USA 2013


MERCURY Sculpted By: Jeff Kaiser, Edwin Hutchison, Abstract, USA 2013


LOCUST By:Junichi Nakamura, Shintaro Okamoto, 1st Place Realistic, Japan, USA 2013


MAN O WAR Sculpted by: Chris Foltz, Jilian Howell, Realistic, USA 2013

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