Jewelry with live animals inside

Cecilia Valentine’s goal with her artwork is to shock people and ultimately prove to them that animals are much better alive than being worn as garments. Bringing awareness to animal testing and killing is a lifelong mission for many.

One talented designer, Cecilia Valentine is entirely against fur. Her goal was not to shock people but instead show them that animals are much better alive than being worn as garments. She recently created a line of 3D-printed jewelry and accessories called ‘Fur is Alive’ that resemble animal cages.

Inside of those bars is a living, moving creature.

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The cage-like creations give the animal room to roam around showcasing that the creatures are much happier living. Valentine described her approach stating “Finding simple solutions to problems is something that continually challenges and motivates me. I find it very satisfying to spend time systematically unraveling a problem and reducing it in order to find seemingly straight forward yet elusive solutions.”

One of her pieces is a hamster cage necklace that circles the entire neck of the wearer.

The accessories aren’t made to be worn in everyday life, but serve to make a point, that the animals are much better suited to live rather than die for the purpose of fashion.

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