Your own ‘Mini-me’ printed in 3D (14 pictures)

Based in Hamburg, Germany, Twinkind is a technology company that offers miniature 3D printed versions of yourself.

Using a custom-engineered photogrammetry 3D scanner, a replica of yourself is made from a high performance composite powder. You can even choose the size of your ‘mini-me’ in seven different scales from around 15cm to 35cm.

For more please visit TWINKIND’s website | Facebook

3d-printed-replica-miniature-figurine-of-yourself-by-twinkind-10 3d-printed-replica-miniature-figurine-of-yourself-by-twinkind-8

Making a ‘Mini-Me’ in 5 Steps

1. Booking: Make a booking at the studio in Hamburg. Choose scaling and options and prepare for 3D scan
2. 3D Scanning: A custom-engineered photogrammetry 3D scanner makes it possible to capture a full 3D scan in the blink of an eye. Part of Twinkind’s technology is similar to what many know from the Matrix Effect. The multi-camera system is based on photogrammetry principles so there is no harm to the body
3. Post Production: Once the system has analyzed the shape of all visible details, Twinkind will take your digital likeness and make sure the print turns out as lifelike as possible
4. 3D Print: State-of-the-art color 3D printing technology is used to bring your digital sculpture back into the real world. Voxel by voxel, layer by layer, the three-dimensional portrait grows into the (almost) final product
5. Shipping: Your mini-me is sent via mail or picked up in-person

3d-printed-replica-miniature-figurine-of-yourself-by-twinkind-3 3d-printed-replica-miniature-figurine-of-yourself-by-twinkind-5 3d-printed-replica-miniature-figurine-of-yourself-by-twinkind-4 3d-printed-replica-miniature-figurine-of-yourself-by-twinkind-6 3d-printed-replica-miniature-figurine-of-yourself-by-twinkind-7 3d-printed-replica-miniature-figurine-of-yourself-by-twinkind-1 3d-printed-replica-miniature-figurine-of-yourself-by-twinkind-9 3d-printed-replica-miniature-figurine-of-yourself-by-twinkind-14 3d-printed-replica-miniature-figurine-of-yourself-by-twinkind-13


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