China’s new Century Global Center – the largest building in the world (10 pictures)

What does China need more than breathable oxygen and a solution to the overpopulation epidemic and waste disposal crisis? The world’s largest building, of course! Governement officials cut the ribbon off of The New Century Global Center in Chendgu over the weekend which at 328 feet high, 1,640 feet long, and 1,312 feet wide is officially the largest buidling on Earth.

The stats are pretty mind-blowing; 20 times the size of Sydney’s legendary Opera House, four times the size of Vatican City, three times the size of the Pentagon, 420 acres in floor space is nearly the size of the entire country of Monaco (499 acres), 18 times the size of Google’s colossal London HQ, half a million square feet larger than the former title holder, Dubai’s International Airport Terminal 3.

The glassy building features a 14-screen IMAX theater, shops, offices, hotels, a faux Mediterranean village, a stretch of artificial beach, complete with LED sunsets and piped in ocean breezes.

The craziest fact of all, it took only one year to build.

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