Stunning photos of the 2013 Supermoon (35 pictures)

The full Moon of June 23, 2013 was the largest Moon of the year. This so-called “Super Moon” was at perigee — or at its closest point in its orbit to Earth, and was 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full Moons of 2013.

Supermoon-2013-01 Supermoon-2013-04 The moon is seen behind the top of the radio and television tower 'Funkturm' in Berlin Supermoon-2013-06 Supermoon-2013-07 Supermoon-2013-08 Supermoon-2013-09 Supermoon-2013-10 Supermoon-2013-11 Supermoon-2013-13 Supermoon-2013-14 Supermoon-2013-15 Supermoon-2013-16 Supermoon-2013-17 Supermoon-2013-18 Supermoon-2013-19 Supermoon-2013-20 Supermoon-2013-21 Supermoon-2013-22 Supermoon-2013-23 Supermoon-2013-24 Supermoon-2013-26 Supermoon-2013-27 Supermoon-2013-28 Supermoon-2013-29 Supermoon-2013-30 Supermoon-2013-31 Supermoon-2013-32 Supermoon-2013-33 Supermoon-2013-34 Supermoon-2013-35 Supermoon-2013-36 Supermoon-2013-38 Supermoon-2013-39

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