3D pencil drawings by Ramon Bruin (18 pictures)

Ramon Bruin is a 31 year old talented freelance artist, who graduated at the Airbrush Academie in the Netherlands.  He is mostly a self-taught artist. Besides a great passion for airbrush, he also draws and paints. With experience in multiple techniques and materials like acrylic-, oil, water paints, charcoal, paint pens, pencils and graphite he makes unique artwork.

Ramon is always pushing his own boundaries. The use of multiple styles and techniques develops him in a wide variation of arts. From modern-expressionism to kick-ass airbrush designs and  from photorealism to 3d optical illusion drawings. With great passion for airbrush, Ramon studied (2007 – 2010) at the Airbrush Academie in Lelystad (the Netherlands) and graduated as an professional all-round airbrush artist. In combination with 9 years of experience it resulted in the arise of JJK Airbrush.

JJK Airbrush established in 2010 and is specialized in all-round airbrush designs. With great eye for detail and a sharp use of color Ramon can handle any design. Check Facebook for daily updates and new artwork.

For more please visit artist’s webpage

all_gnomes_are_heroes_20121220_1709404597 bridge_20120908_1180350771 capoeira_fighters_20121217_2096540432 caterpillar_20120908_1615883493 come_out_and_play_20120908_1843166638 coming_out_20120908_1536418191 daddy_has_a_new_pair_of_sunglasses_20121217_1050034384 escape_20120908_1153405829 feather_of_a_raven_20120908_1419797697 hold_the_candle_20120908_1248776531 ladderboys_20120908_1855101894 magnifying_glass_20120908_1190297083 monkeytrouble_20120908_1465644192 skullhand_20120908_1326365265 snake_and_the_puppet_20120908_1393549158 toiletpaper_dart_20120908_1577179314 toiletpaper_planecrash_20120908_1398227356

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