Art Games by Leo Caillard (9 pictures)

Leo Caillard has practised photography since the age of 16. It was therefore a very natural choice for him to make it his profession. On leaving Gobelins (School of the Image) in 2008, he became a freelance photographer at barely 23 years old.  He spent the following year in New York. He chose to complete his training there as an assistant to other photographers. This journey also allowed him to develop personal work that he conceived as a series. Retouching and montage quickly imposed as his medium of photography:

“I like to create images at the edge of reality, with a play on pretense.’”

This recent work is a reflection on the problem of our new digital world. Currently, at any stage of its creation, and idea or concept is digitally adapted. What will be retained in the future? What will happen to all of these billions of megabytes we stock on computers ? In 10 years ? In 500 years ? Colliding the esthetic of modern minimalist Apple products with the classical architecture of the Louvre Museum, the viewer is forced to asses the question of new creation in our modern society.


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Source: Leo Caillard
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