Lightning photography by Mike Hollingshead (30 pictures)

Mike Hollingshead said about himself that he’s “just a guy that liked storms as a kid then started chasing them in 1999. Bought a still camera in 2002. Quit my job in 2004, with zero intentions beyond simply chasing that spring, then getting a job somewhere again that summer. At least 8 years later now I’ve still not gotten that job. Somehow this just happened and has worked. It was never a plan to do this, it just happened. I’d have chased every year all the same, but it being my soul income was the furthest thing from my mind. And heck, it’s only barely worked(debt) the whole time. It’s a long story, but more or less it’s not nearly as great as it sounds. There’s no peace of mind in hoping sales come along and your old hobby sometimes feeling as if you have to do well at it. I could write a book on this topic now. For every up about it there is a solid down.”

For more pictures visit Mike Hollingshead’s webpage

sl-c6664 sl-c7569 sl-c7886 sl-c8103 sl-d2877 sl-d3757 sl-d4398 sl-d7987 sl-e1016 Tower Lightning sl-e4598 sl-e6574 sl-f4802 sl-f6405 sl-g04863 sl-g04867 sl-g08472 sl-g08891 sl-g08901 sl-g16544 sl-h23062 sl-h23353 sl-h23375 sl-h23384 sl-h23390 sl-h23469 sl-h23544 sl-h24851 TV Tower Lightning

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