Amazing beach aerial collection by Grey Malin (34 pictures)

With a name like Gray, he should have seen the art world coming.

Gray Malin (born 1986), a Dallas native, graduated from Emerson College in Boston in 2007, majoring in photography and marketing. While he has had his work displayed in the Dallas Museum of Art and the David Streets Gallery in Beverly Hills, he is currently working with Gallery 825 of the Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA), and ROOM 8 Gallery in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The turning point in his career was when he quit his job working for the president of Paramount Pictures and was selected to become a vendor at the internationally famous Melrose Fairfax Flea Market, taking place each Sunday in Los Angeles. From 2009-2010, Gray manned his booth with framed and unframed copies of his work successfully catching the attention of interior desigers, celebrities, gallery owners, and everyday Angelenos alike.

Merging his two passions, photography and marketing, Gray has taken a small Los Angeles flea market venture and created a successful fine art photography company: Maison Gray – The House of Gray Malin Photography. His work has been featured in various publications worldwide such as Elle Men China, the Toronto National Post, the London Observer, Marie Claire Italy, the Huffington Post and the Dallas Morning News.

His work hangs in allIS states and in many countries worldsvide. When he isn’t at home with his husband and pup, he is traveling creating new work; his travels are often his greatest inspiration. Subscribe to keep up with Gray’s current endeavors.

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North America

coney-island-beach-far-out kauai-beach-with-grass kauai-boogie-boarders malibu-kayaks miami-blue-and-red-chairs miami-blue-and-yellow-chairs nude-beach ocean-beach-horizontal ocean-beach-with-water poipu-beach-horizontal southampton-2

Middle and South America

barra-beach-horizontal brazil-blue-water-beach cancun-resort caribbean-resort-blue-chairs end-of-copacabana-beach rio-de-janeiro-horizontal tiki-umbrellas-white-sand


albatross-beach lisbon-horizontal-beach-with-waves lisbon-rocky-beach lisbon-swimming-pool st-tropez-red-umbrellas st-tropez-secret-beach st-tropez-tahiti-club


asia-beach-triptych dubai-paddle-boarders


bantry-bay muizenberg-surfers muizenberg-beach-four-panel kite-beach-triptych kings-bath camps-bay

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