Stunning storms super-cells photos by Mike Hollingshead (30 pictures)

Mike Hollingshead said about homself that he’s “just a guy that liked storms as a kid then started chasing them in 1999. Bought a still camera in 2002. Quit my job in 2004, with zero intentions beyond simply chasing that spring, then getting a job somewhere again that summer. At least 8 years later now I’ve still not gotten that job. Somehow this just happened and has worked. It was never a plan to do this, it just happened. I’d have chased every year all the same, but it being my soul income was the furthest thing from my mind. And heck, it’s only barely worked(debt) the whole time. It’s a long story, but more or less it’s not nearly as great as it sounds. There’s no peace of mind in hoping sales come along and your old hobby sometimes feeling as if you have to do well at it. I could write a book on this topic now. For every up about it there is a solid down.”

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ssl-b3392 ssl-f4260 ssl-g06149 ssl-f5547 North Dakota Supercell Nebraska Supercell ssl-b3410 ss-i37716 ss-b3734 ss-b3737 ss-f4062 ss-f4079 ss-h18853 ss-b3394 ss-a1951 ss-a1573 ss-a1431 ss-a1420 sg-b3537 sg-b3968 sg-e3926 sg-h24298 ss-a1381 sg-a1730 sg-a1458 ss-i43533

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