20 interesting facts about The Simpsons (20 pictures)

1. The show is the most successful spin-off of all-time

The Simpsons originally got its start as short skits in 1987 on The Tracy Ullman Show. When the program was cancelled due to poor ratings, The Simpsons was given a shot on their own. Safe to say it worked out.


2. Simpsons toys are illegal in Iran

The nation’s Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults recently issued an edict that forbade the sale of any Simpsons toys in any Iranian store. The nation banned the toys for their ability to promote Western culture and the “destructive cultural and social consequences” they supposedly promote. Iran has also placed Barbie dolls on the same list. In response, we simply say Argo f*ck yourself.


3. The characters weren’t created yellow by accident

Creator Matt Groening told the BBC, “An animator came up with the Simpsons’ yellow and as soon as she showed it to me I said: ‘This is the answer!’ because when you’re flicking through channels with your remote control, and a flash of yellow goes by, you’ll know you’re watching The Simpsons.”


4. Homer had the most downloaded GPS voice in the world

TomTom hired Castellaneta in 2009 to record directions for a Homer voice that customers could download for their GPS devices. At one point, Homer’s voice was downloaded 128,500 times in the U.S. alone, which accounts for more than 40% of GPS devices in the world.


5. God is the only character with 5 fingers

Every other person only has 4.


6. It only took 2 days for Danny Elfman to compose the theme

Not a bad work hour to iconic song ration for Mr. Elfman.


7. ‘D’oh!’ has never been scripted

Dan Castellaneta, the voice behind Homer, made up the phrase when the script simply said, “annoyed grunt”.“


8. Nancy Cartwright originally tried out for the voice of Lisa

And what age were you when you disappointingly discovered Bart Simpson was voiced by a girl?

Bart Simpson and Nancy Cartwright

9. Conan O’Brien was a writer and a producer for the show

From 1991 to 1993 ,when he got his late night gig, Conan was credited as a writer/co-writer for four episodes including the iconic “Marge vs. The Monorail” and “Homer Goes To College”.the_simpsons_09

10. The Simpsons holds the record for most guests on a TV show

Over 600 stars have lent their voices from all walks of life including Michael Jackson, Steven Hawking, Jose Canseco, Jon Stewart and Katy Perry. the_simpsons_10

11. It takes 6-8 months to complete just one episode

The team also uses 100 animators in South Korea to get the job done.


12. Boxing legend Joe Fraizer didn’t think Barney Gumble could knock him out

The script originally had Barney giving Smokin Joe a TKO, but Fraizer didn’t like that idea at all. The script was changed to having Joe knock out Barney.


13. If The Simpsons aged in real time…

Bart would be at least 35 years old. Wow.


14. Moe’s Tavern actually has a real number

764-84377 (one more number than required) is what Bart dialed to make his crank calls. The number also spells out “SMITHERS”.


15. The couch gag was originally designed as a time filler

If an episode is running long, the couch gag is kept brief, but if extra time is needed than the gag is extended.


16. Initially, the show was supposed to solely revolve around Bart

Eh, that probably would’ve got real annoying real quick.


17. ‘Do the Bartman’ was a #1 hit in the UK

The song, written and produced by Michael Jackson, is actually a fiery jam.


18. Two MLB players turned down a chance to be on “Homer at the bat”

Ryne Sandberg and Carlton Fisk were offered spots before Steve Sax and Mike Scioscia but wanted no part.

19. Everyone involved with the show is filthy rich

The voice actors currently haul in $400,000/episode while the syndication rights alone have brought in over $3 Billion. That doesn’t include the $1.5+ Billion brought in annually through merchandise.


20. Matt Groening essentially based the show on his life

As you can see from his mother’s obituary, there are a lot of recognizable names.


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