The grace and diversity of sea creatures by Mark Laita (21 pictures)

The grace and diversity of sea creatures reflected against the surface of their world.

Born in Detroit in 1960, Mark was rased by lithuanian parents. His mother was a model and his father worked in GM’s styling department. His family moved to Chicago when Mark was ten where he discovered photography and began assisting commercial photographers after high school he attended northern illinois university, university of illinois and columbia college. Where Mark received a BA in photography.

After college, Mark worked as a commercial photographer in Chicago for two years before moving to Los Angeles in 1986. There Mark built a reputation for award-winning work for a long ust of clients. His photography was featured iii campaigns for clients as diverse as Adidas, Mercedes-benz. Visa, van cleef and arpels for ten years apple computer used Mark’s photography in the campaigns to introduce apple’s imac, ipod and other computer devices. He was also selected to shoot the campaign to introduce BMW’s mini in 2001.

In 2010, stiedl published Mark’s first book of non-commercial work, created equal, which was an eight year long, cross-country project featuring portraits of americans from a wide array of cultures, occupations and backgrounds. His second book, Sea, a collection of images of marine animals was published by abrams in 2011. His third book Serpentine. Was published in late 2012. His work has been exhibited in galleries in the U.S. and Europe, including Fahey/Klein gallery in Los Angeles, Camera Work in Berlin and Three Punts Galleria in Barcelona.

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