The Simpsons versus Real Movies (34 pics).

The Godfather: Part II
simpsons_01 simpsons_02


Terminator 2simpsons_03 simpsons_04


E.T.simpsons_05 simpsons_06


Lady and The Trampsimpsons_07 simpsons_08


King Kongsimpsons_09 simpsons_10


North by Northwestsimpsons_11 simpsons_12


Ben Hursimpsons_13 simpsons_14


Paranormal Activitysimpsons_15 simpsons_16


Grinchsimpsons_17 simpsons_18


Fantasiasimpsons_19 simpsons_20 simpsons_21 simpsons_22


Home Alonesimpsons_23 simpsons_24


2001: A Space Odysseysimpsons_25 simpsons_26 simpsons_27 simpsons_28


Karate Kidsimpsons_29 simpsons_30


The Graduatesimpsons_31 simpsons_32


Dr. Strangelovesimpsons_33 simpsons_34

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