25 Coolest NASA Discoveries That Changed Your Life.

Since its inception in 1958, it was made clear by the Space Act that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) should go beyond studying just space ships. The law stipulated that its research and discoveries should benefit the general public. NASA has faithfully stuck with that precept. Today, you come in contact with products everyday that you probably didn’t know were the results of NASA research and development. These 25 coolest NASA discoveries ever are just some of those everyday things we come in contact with that trace their origin back to the government branch commonly linked to space ships and telescopes.


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Long-distance Telecommunications
Solar Energy
Artificial Limbs
Ventricular Assist Device
Invisible Braces
Scratch-Resistant Lenses
Memory Foam
Infrared Ear Thermometers
Shoe Insoles
Smoke Detector
Cordless Tools
Water Filters
Enriched Baby Food
Freeze Drying
Powdered Lubricants
NASA Visualization Explorer
Remote Controlled Ovens
Structural Analysis Software
Pollution Remediation
Improved Radial Tires
Light-emitting Diodes
Chemical Detection
LZR Racer Suit
Firefighting Equipment
Video Enhancing and Analysis Systems

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