Light sculptures by Diet Wiegman (17 pictures + 2 videos).

Dutch artist Diet Wiegman (1944) is referred to as the ‘art omnivore’. He has a very comprehensive oeuvre and works very multidisciplinary. Both conceptually and visually intriguing. As a ceramist Wiegman acquired fame in the late sixties. Rusted cans and military bags made from clay could not be distinguished from real. Like artists Piero Manzoni, Yayoi Kusama and later Jean-Michel Basquiat, Wiegman was represented by renowned gallery Delta in The Netherlands. Even though Wiegman leaves little discipline and medium untouched, his international breakthrough was caused by his ingenious shadow and light sculptures where for example, by illuminating a pile of waste a contrasting image would appear on the wall. ‘When trash becomes ideal beauty’. He later amazed people with his sculptures when he integrated shattered glass and mirror reflection to his shadow art concept. Wiegman is seen as a pioneer in this field and his work is often copied throughout the years. During an interview in the seventies he laconically said: ‘I did not invent the phenomenon shadow, I just make holes in the light’. Wiegman reflects his vision of looking at seemingly general objects in a totally different way and likes inspire people along the way. Even making people appreciate trash. Also, his light sculptures produce more than just a shadow. Behind each work lies a concept. The work of Wiegman often plays with clichés, distortion, and contradiction. Sometimes philosophical, sometimes downplaying its seriousness, but mostly giving it a wink.

In 2008 ‘Anagram’ was released. An award-winning documentary by director Mike Redman that highlights Wiegman’s work and vision. Since Wiegman rarely speaks about his own art, it is a documentary without words that tells its own expressive story through the art of Wiegman. Wiegman’s career spans over more than fifty years of making contemporary sculptures, paintings, shadow art, and he shows no signs of slowing down. His art is owned by museums and private collections around the world.

All images ©The Diet Wiegman Archive 1965-201

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02 David 1983 TęDiet Wiegman 03 David deformed TęDiet Wiegman 1983 04 Venus on fire 1984 TęDiet Wiegman 05 Dialogue between two chairs 1993 TęDiet Wiegman 06 Dutch Landscape 1987 TęDiet Wiegman 07 Greedy Consumption 1993 TęDiet Wiegman Untitled 09 Misty Eyes 1989 TęDiet Wiegman 10 Off Balance TęDiet Wiegman 11 Rembrandt illuminated TęDiet Wiegman 12 Shadow out of shadow 1986 TęDiet Wiegman 13 Sisyphus 1992 TęDiet Wiegman 14 Untitled TęDiet Wiegman 15 Shadow Dancing TęDiet Wiegman 16 Self-reflection TęDiet Wiegman 17 Exhibition TęDiet Wiegman

All images ©The Diet Wiegman Archive 1965-201

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