Created by Jason Silva in collaboration with CITIZEN. Follow Jason on twitter @JASONSILVA

This video is a non-commercial work created to inspire, made for educational purposes, inspired by the ideas of Douglas Hofstadter explored in the magnificent book GODEL, ESCHER, BACH: An Eternal Golden Braid. Learnödel,_Escher,_Bach

It offers my interpretation of Strange Loops of Self Reference, recursion, and the emergence of consciousness and

“To Hofstadter, the human mind is a bright, shimmering, self-sustaining miracle of philosophical bootstrappery” – Lev Grossman, Read more:,9171,1599720,00.html#ixzz2MyMGywag

“You know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your whole life” – The Matrix

It is also inspired by some of the writing of Erik Davis in about the hero’s journey taken by NEO in the Matrix in order to understand who he is:

“Neo must then face his own Cartesian “passage through madness,” melting into a mirror that alludes not only to Lewis Carroll but to the mystic-psychotic collapse and disappearance of the externalized ego that stabilizes our inner void. As Neo phases out of the Matrix, he opens up, however briefly, the fractured bardo that is the secret thrill of every fan of the “false reality” genre: the moment when baseline reality dissolves but no new world has yet emerged in its pixelating wake. This is the most radical moment of the cogito, but it’s tough to sustain.”


It features the track “The Awakening” by Andy Quinn

Select stock footage courtesy of Shutterstock
Edited by Citizen
Select Motion graphics by Alberto Reyes
Camera by: +Aziz
Featuring archival footage by:

Eraserhead David Lynch


Black Mirror Trailer –

Somewhere II –

Adobe: Eternal Return –

Way II War –

Helvetia’s Dream –

le Miroir –

The Ape that got Lucky –

Amazing Apes: Self-awareness –

Hundred Waters “Boreal” –

Kenzo ‘Electric Jungle’ –

Bat For Lashes “Lilies” –

pariah – signal loss –

Interlace –

Outside of God –

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