This is Norway

Photograph by Simo Räsänen


In this fantastic capture we see Vøringfossen, one of the most famous waterfalls in Norway, and Måbødalen, a wild and narrow valley located in Eidfjor, Hordaland. The waterfall drops a total of 182 meters (597 ft) with a major drop of 145 meters (475 ft).

Although there are numerous ways to experience the waterfall and the vertical-walled valley, most people will view the falls from the upper and lower lookouts. A path from the scenic national tourist route through Hardanger (Rv 7) leads to the foot of the waterfall. The old road, constructed between 1887 and 1924, winds up the mountain side in 125 hairpin bends. [Source:]

The dimensions of this image do not do this photo justice. To see the 4520 x 2960 pixels version, click here.


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