Beautiful Messier Objects

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Our helpful astrophotographers include:
Fred Espenak:
Adam Block:
Michael Siniscalchi:
Bob Fera:
Philip Perkins:
Paul Haese:
Nik Szymanek:
Glen Youman:
ING pics of Messiers:
Jim Misti:

Objects in this video:
M1 (Crab Nebula) –
M3 –
M4 –
M13 –
M16 –
M20 –
M24 –
M27 –
M30 –
M31 (Andromeda) –
M33 –
M37 –
M42 (Orion Nebula) –
M45 (Pleiades) –
M53 –
M57 –
M66 –
M76 –
M78 –
M83 –
M92 –
M96 –
M97 (Owl) –
M101 (Pinwheel) –
M104 (Sombrero) –
M110 –

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