Meltwater channel in the Greenland ice sheet


Meltwater channel in the Greenland ice sheet. EIS field assistant, Adam LeWinter on NE rim of Birthday Canyon, atop feature called “Moab”. Greenland Ice Sheet, July 2009. Black deposit in bottom of channel is cryoconite. Birthday Canyon is approximately 150 feet deep. According to the Telegraph, Dr. Tad Pfeffer, a glaciologist with the University of Colorado, and photographer James Balog, of the Extreme Ice Survey, have photographs and video to show “That the climate is changing because of global warming is now irrefutable in legitimate scientific circles. You cannot argue with photographic evidence that a glacier in Greenland which had receded eight miles in 100 years has now shrunk a further nine miles in the past 10 years.” As seen below, there is also a documentary called Chasing Ice. Photo #7 by Festival do Rio / Tad Pfeffer / Extreme Ice Survey

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