Structural Colour, Soap Films, & Nanotech Security From Butterflies

Scientists are being inspired by nature to design the next generation of security devices. Arrays of nanoscale holes create beautiful reflected colours that are almost impossible to forge. This video was supported by TechNyou – check out their series on logical fallacies:

Soon these nanoscale security devices could replace holograms. They are many times more reflective than holograms, and although the structures are smaller scale, they are lower aspect ratio and therefore easy to manufacture in bulk.

The electron wiggle simulation is from PhET, the best physics simulations ever:

Special thanks to Thomas from Copenhagen who showed me around the city including the science museum where he assisted with the soap bubble demonstration.

Clint Landrock is the Chief Technology Officer for Nanotech Securities:

Music is “Firefly in a Fairytale” by Gareth Coker

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