Villers Abbey, Belgium

Photograph by Abbaye de Villers


The Abbaye de Villers (Villers Abbey), situated in the commune of Villers-la-Ville (Belgium) in grounds of more than 36 hectares, is a destination imbued with history. It was founded in the 12th Century, under the aegis of Saint Bernard. Today, its ruins give an idea of the life of monks of the Cistercian Order. The earliest buildings no longer exist and the Abbey was completely rebuilt during the 13th Century (Villers III).

According to the chronicle the Abbey numbered in those days no fewer than one hundred monks and three times as many lay brothers. The estate covered a good twenty-five thousand acres, dotted between Antwerp and Namur and managed by different grangiae. Villers also benefited from the protection of the powerful Dukes of Brabant.

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